Vision and Mission

Our Mission is to lead, serve and support Ottawa’s housing co-op communities.

We believe in the values of :

  • Principled leadership
  • Community
  • Sustainability
  • Education
  • Diversity

CHASEO’s Vision Statement is being reviewed by the membership. To date, members have agreed upon the following statements:

The International Co-operative Principles

We believe in the co-operative principles and the values of the co-operative movement. We will promote and educate members and the general public about the co-operative principles and values.


Members agree that CHASEO, with other sector organizations, must lobby on behalf of members, demanding that government build new co-op homes and continue to provide a housing charge subsidy program for non-profit housing co-ops after operating agreements end.

CHASEO Membership

We want our members to be primarily non-profit housing co-operatives. We will continue to include in our membership organizations that support our goals as associate, non-voting members.

We recognize that we will be stronger if we work with other social housing providers on activities and programs of mutual benefit.

Government Regulation and Administration

When operating agreements end, CHASEO members agree that they will be able to manage their co-ops successfully, provided that an external organization is able to provide oversight, enforce rules, and provide help when a co-op is in difficulty. This role is currently being filled by different levels of Government, the Co-operative Housing Stabilization Fund and the Agency for Co-operative Housing.

Services and Programs

CHASEO will adapt services and programs to meet the changing needs of our membership. We will seek out partnerships to develop and deliver these services to make the best use of our sector’s limited resources.